Academy Tour


Dare Academy, for the fifth year, will  compete against top professional youth academies. Dare Academy players will get the opportunity to be seen and assessed by coaches and scouts. Tour dates will be July 29th to August 5th 2019.

In the past we have played Spurs, Manchester United, QPR, Bournemouth, Fulham, Southampton, Cardiff, Reading and others. We will play teams of this caliber again. For most of the week we will be playing games but training sessions will also taken place at the team base at the University of Hertfordshire.


The main objective of the program is to develop the players individually and collectively in a team environment. 

The Dare Academy is a performance based program. Every player selected will play games, receive professional training and participate in Q and A sessions. The players who perform the best will participate in the bigger games and will get the most game time. The focus of Dare Academy is to give players a professional Premier League experience. The players will train, travel, play like professionals and get evaluated like professionals.

Again, please understand that this is an invitation and is only being offered to top players. 

Payment for the Dare Academy Trip

The full cost of this tour is only the cost of the uniform. The uniform includes.  Travel

  •   Uniform

    • Full jerseys

    • Full Training uniforms

    • Tracksuits

The idea is that the English based players will spend all there time with the American players to build a team cohesion that will carry on to the field. So that means training, games, eating, watching games and days trips. If after seeing the schedule if there is an issues or events that you can not make please let me know.


Transport, meals, days trips and games will have to be covered as they have not been included in the fee that you have paid. However if there is a cheaper way (or free way) of doing this (carpooling, packed lunches etc) I have no issues with this.