UK Talent Identification 



We are looking for players who play U18/U19 football, born between 1999/2000 to join The Dare Academy in Miami, USA. The program is developed to give you the opportunity to showcase your talent to all the top teams and colleges in the USA before committing to any team or university.


The program will give you the opportunity to train using first class facilities with top coaches and give you the option to select from a number of colleges and teams in the USA, so you can select which one is best for you. You will also have the added excitement of training and living in the USA, Miami in particular.


You will train in a professional training environment to develop and enhance your ability along with other players from the UK and USA. Along with playing football you will have the opportunity to work and integrate with the locals to help build an understanding and appreciation for the diverse backgrounds that are located in Miami while earning an income. We are also partnered with a high school, who, will help with all your education needs.

Florida has a vast amount of colleges, professional and semi-professional teams, so you will be spoilt for choice along with all the other states you visit to showcase your ability, we are looking for good players that have played at all levels of football from academy players to development stage players and even very good players that may have slipped through the net.


The process will be that we will hold a number of trial games, to select the best players to attend The Dare Academy in Miami, to develop, and showcase their ability with the hope of playing professional football in the USA.


Unlike other companies offering this service we do not charge fees in excess of 2K, offering scholarships in one area of the USA, the only fee that will be charged will be to attend the trial games, no other fees will be charged after that. The only other costs will be living costs in the USA, i.e. flights, visa fees, insurance, uniform, accommodation and team travel\registration. The reason we do not charge excessive fees is because we want every young player to have this opportunity.


All games will be held between the 19th and 28th May 2017. (Notified of location on selection)


To register your interest in attending the trial dates, please send an email to the below address and the registration pack containing all the information will be sent out to you.


If you require anything further or have any questions please feel free to email the above address also.

Dare Academy Booklet Attachment