Hugo Rodriguez|Father 


Last year’s trip to England was a once-of-a-lifetime soccer experience for our young players. Immersion in 1 week of intense training and playing against Premier League English clubs such as Southampton FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC will have a lasting impact on our youth. Every day was filled with elite trainers providing tips and insight and professional coaches lecturing on how to best succeed in the sport as well as playing against some international stars of the future.

What our young players learned was more than football skills, it was immersion in a football culture, it was understanding the talent level that scouts look for in prospective players, it was developing individual and team skills and learning different ways to approach the game.

In addition to the experiences and high level of competition, the beauty I witnessed as a father was watching my son grow more confident and develop every match. Seeing him grow as a person and a player is a personal memory I’ll always cherish, but as important, the young players all learned and realized that if they dedicated themselves, worked hard and applied the lessons learned on this football experience in England, they could one day compete on a collegiate or international level. 

Ralph Padron| Father


UK 2014 has been by far the best soccer experience that I've been part of. For my son to have been able to go to the UK to train and play with Premier League Club junior teams was amazing.  Once in a lifetime experience, a great opportunity for any young player.


Jordan Yanis| Brother


My brother and I had an awesome time on this trip. It so much fun watching and playing soccer at the highest level everyday. I hope to go on this trip again. 

Lisette Sanchez| Mother


Recommend to any player looking to broaden their soccer knowledge, perspective and level of play.  Amazing opportunity to get to play on some of most famous fields and meet coaches that are training kids to go pro.  The feedback my son received was invaluable and really focused him  to step up  his game.